Associate Attorney

Fogg & Powers is actively seeking an associate attorney to join our practice. Candidates should have at least two years of experience. The firm focuses on patent prosecution, patent investigations, and opinions. Candidates must have a degree in electrical engineering, physics, computer engineering, or computer science and experience dealing with inventions and patents in these fields. Candidates should be registered to practice with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.



Fogg & Powers is constantly looking for outstanding attorneys, engineers, and paralegals. Candidates must desire challenging assignments relating to telecommunications, electronics, and computer hardware and software technology We seek out smart, ambitious team members with exceptional legal and technical skills, who also have the interpersonal skills that enable them to build long-term relationships with both clients and colleagues. Candidates should also be interested in living in a prospering city with active sports teams, a thriving cultural environment, and abundant educational, professional, and social opportunities. The ideal candidate should have at least two years of experience in his or her respective field. More importantly, the candidate should be able to express clearly why his or her aspirations and abilities are consistent with Fogg & Powers' mission and goals.


To apply, send a letter and resume to:

Fogg & Powers LLC
4600 West 77th Street, Suite 305
Minneapolis, MN 55435
P: 952.465.0770
F: 952.465.0771

There are no open positions with Fogg Law at the present time.